So the geneticists have told me I have a Jewish heritage, although I am not a practicing Jew by faith. Back then, this port was the main port of entry for many new immigrants to Mexico. What I can I will post here, unless it’s personal information. Hi Laura, I believe my great great grandfather was Favela-Peimbert. For this reason, the International Red Cross does not need to know your ethnicity nor so-called “race,” nor country of origin, nor religion, only if blood types are compatible. To this day the serum keeps her alive. I think that it may be Carvajal. Different DNA tests can give different results. combinations of these words that pair well together phonetically. After you start tracing your ancestry you will be further assisted by doing a DNA test to confirm or rule out if you do indeed possess genetic markers attributed to individuals who are either of Sephardic or Ashkenazi ancestry. At the time my aunt was about 80 and my father was 91. My husband’s family history says they came from Spain. It took awhile, but when I took a dna test at FTDNA, I had so many Spanish and Mexican relatives that FTDNA finally identified my Sephardi dna, previously and totally unknown to me. Does anybody really know?, – community website. If Spanish anousim it is Pereida, from Portugal anouism Pereira. Alright take care. IT IS THERE GOOLE THE SURNAME WITH SEPARDIC JEWISH ROOTS CONNECTIONS IT WILL LEAD YOU TO SITES , TRY SEPHARDIM .COM . Bunuelos. De Luna Orozco. The last name, Hernandez, is one of the common surnames given to the Indians by their Spanish masters. We come from those that had intermarried but continued to be Jews. my gradmother´s, (from my mum´s side) surname was Perez, is this a sephardic name? As to your second point that Ruth converted, no where in the book of Ruth nor elsewhere in Torah, HafTorah or even in the Brit Hadashah do you read that Ruth converted. The thread of this forum has been an attempt to provide “clear and concise options” those searching for their personal truth, with respect for all, why would that change now. As to the 1905 prisoner. Many of these fake converso names were old christian names we were using to hide. If you have any knowledge and be kind to share please do. 9. Some of their children followed the mother’s surname and some the father’s surname. Jewish is required ? I originally found “first half of 20th century”, then elsewhere found that this wave of immigration had started in the 1880’s…Obviously then, these pogroms/persecutions in Russia and Romania were not of “Soviet” origins (as I had stated), but I intend to research this further. My mother’ side of the family were Lebanese-Jews immigrants to Mexico in the mid 1930’s and entered the country through the port of Veracruz. ”, Well said! Centro Cultural Hebreo de Mexicali (Mexicali, Mx. haha we even have a family inside legend about how our blue eyes family members didn’t get along with the green’s. Ron Cohen I was born in El Paso. You may have been raised with both traditions. My grandfather was named Isaac Perez and he married Maria de los Angeles Garcia. I do not always say “I am Jewish” unless I see good reason to do so. Just to make things clear there are no such thing as “Jewish names” unless it was a specific name Jews in Spain and Portugal had like “De la Caballeria” “Benveniste” “HaLevi” Your Spanish/Portuguese/Italian names are old Christian names that have a long history in there origin area, Family’s came from Spain and Portugal to Mexico mostly were not Jewish,You could have a 3 people with the same last name and all 3 have different back arounds. In short, it showed the native population that even some people as low as the Jews were welcome as believers. SAGOL, IT WOULD BE GREAT IF COULD PROVIDE AS MUCH IMFORMATION SO THAT OTHER MEXICANO CAN BECOME AWARE OF OTHER SEFARDITA LAST NAMES AND PERHAPS THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO CONNECT TO YOUR FAMILY LINE. I have relatives in Mexico that have had to have court name changes from the “i” to “y” to be able to work in the Mexican government. My fathers name is Armando Garza Velasquez and grandfather’s is Eudelio Garza Campos, and great-great grandfather’s name was Pedro Garza. Me alegra mucho saber que hay otros en busca de su verdad. Amongst available resources are Church and pubic records, the Univerisity of Arizona (which has extensive Sonorean records available online as well as the small Jewish (former anusim) community in Hermosillo. I also saw that the Zapata surname had several family crests attached to it. Married to an Israeli, Levy. We have a picture of them, however. But let’s not dissuade people’s hunger for knowledge by asking this type of questions, at least not at this time. My mother is from Durango and as far as I am right now is middle 1780s and foward. I am not the typical person, who is ignorant about Mexico’s history, or origins. if you openlly say i’am Jew no one do business with you. Many of the things that were committed against Jews in the Holocaust were a repeat of what had taken place 500 years before by the Inquisition – the Inquisition rounded up Jews to live in “quarters”, Nazi Germany rounded up Jews to live in the ghettos, Inquisition forced Jews to wear the yellow Sanbenito or dunce hats, Nazi Germany forced Jews to wear the yellow Star of David badge and yellow arm band. when settled as part of nuevo espana, it was in the state of texas-coahuila. Shalom! She has mentioned to me that our family was one of the founding families of Monterrey Mexico. I traced my maternal side 7 generations back all from nuevo leon, moneterrey. Where (location of Mexico) did your Lopez come from? Every covenant requires blood. If any of you have any info on my surnames or any other information please share!!! 8. Tambien puedes juntar una muestra de saliva de los hermanos de tu madre!! I am looking for ancestors with the last name of Sepulveda. I don’t know the whole story and if it’s true, but my great aunt had said that they’re father (surname Aviña) lived in Mexico and had a family there with wife and children. I also have Tlaxcala ancestry. There are many theories concerning that “spark”. Hello, Carlos; My family relocated from Hermosillo from the State of Sonora. We currently live in Utah where I was born, my parents born and my husband born in Wyoming with his parents born in New Mexico. I actually believe I came across a post of yours while surfing the internet a while back and I believe you mentioned something about your grand parents being from Cuameo and surrounding areas??? The Spanish Inquisition pushed others further North to New Mexico n Colorado. Do the same for surname Padron. My family, Hernandez, intermarried only with Espinoza, Enriques, Barragan, Herrera and Davalos. On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Jews all over the world are reminded to TURN AWAY from sin, and when the temple stood the blood of animals was required. vii-viii NOTICE OF THE ANTIQUITIES OF MEXICO.”, 1-26 PRELIMINARY NOTICES OF SPANISH HISTORIANS This are all long stories, but I have given you more or less an idea of how many of us are of Jewish descent. Four ways of spelling Pereyra, The y makes it Spanish, with an r it is jewish with a d like in Pereyda, means not practicing jewish faith, In Portuguese Pereira is accepting you are a jew, with and d, like in Pereida it is descent of portuguese but not a practicing jew. I wish I knew as much about my family as you do of yours. Where would I find list of Sephardic surnames particularly those that came to north America? And then of course, compounded with the other things I saw around the place. The all too typical problems of being Jewish in Mexico’s past do not really explain – to me – the complete absence of Judaism in Juarez today. I was looking around the web for answers.I’m from Mexico, I read an other article which was written by you somewhere else. why leave Mexico? My OB-GYN asked about my Jewish relatives and one of my close friends who is Jewish welcomed me to the tribe. I remember stories of Jewish religion being our first religion. They would never allow strangers in their home, it was always family. In addition, my father was born in Monterrey and many of the grandparents come from that area. Is there a way I can give you my personal email? I come from Pereira’s in Sonora, and my uncles Valencia is supposed to be a Sephardic name. In gedmatch, I get of eastern mediterrenean, ashkenazi, & north Africa. The search to see if you have “Jewish blood” is one that the inquisition, Hitler and many others, including Haman, would have endorsed. My last name is 1 r away from marrano. notaries-public, tailors, teachers and silversmiths, they brought much needed skills to the new colony and were well received. For example, the names you listed are on Sephardic Jewish names lists, that proves nothing. If my people were Jewish and conversos during the Inquisition do I remain under the Jewish Covenant after all these generations? More importantly however are clear, transparent, viable resources for those seeking their proper truth within Judaism, this is NOT a Sephari/Ashkenazi issue, its a those who act toward creating options and those who dont. What one finds, could be useful to all. All is appreciated! Even though I was aware of this policy, there were probably others who were not. These feelings made me curious about my genealogy. Story has it that she was of Spanish and or Italian origin. if anybody has info grandpas name jesus valencia his grandpa was julian valencia, yes, it comes from Michoacan, those were among the families which founded Cotija while hiring from the Inquisitors, they eventually became Catholics but they still living there and have some Jewish customs: All of the evidence points to the fact that Pimentel is a Jewish surname in origin. Also included is the feature that the Jews took off and burned their masks on Ash Wednesday, put an ash cross on their forehead and humbly walked into the Church as believers. WEST CENTRAL MEXICO COAST AREA WAS KNOWN AS LA NUEVA GALICIA. What I have been trying to find is a book with a list of families from Zamora, Michoacan that were of Sephardic descent. 431 Likes, 4 Comments - George Mason University (@georgemasonu) on Instagram: “"As a freshman at Mason, I had difficulties being on my own for the first time. He used the Hebrew word anousim (constrained people or forceably converted) rather than Marranos, which means “swine.”. That’s through my great grandmother’s line. My mom’s family are Trujillo Tenorio, Bacca, and Cordova from Taos, Chimayo, Truchas, Penasco, El Prado, etc. This isamazing. The Philippines was a penal colony for Jews running away from the inquisition. Cover the mirrors when someone dies. Please email me: Lar -at- Thanks! Last names of Ramirez, Ortiz, Guedea, Jimenez, Tijerina, de la Luz, Chavana and Gomez. Being from this area ofTexas i am always on the outlook for Anusiem. I know that my maternal last name Pereira can be spelled in 4 ways – If considered a full non-Jewish you will spell if from Spain Pereyda. not just with the DNA testing, but through extensive genealogy acquiring our family three back for 28 generations. MY FAMILY HAS BEEN IN CHAPALA FOR CENTURIES.MY MOTHER ANTONIA LOPEZ ARRIAGA,HIJA DE JOSE LOPEZ DOLORES{1897},HIJO ALVINO LOPEZ MOREIDA[1875], HIJO DE TIRSO LOPEZ DIAZS {1803]HIJO DE REMIGIO LOPEZ RAMIREZ, HIJO DE ANTONIO LOPEZ RAMIREZ.MI BISABUELO ERA EL UTIMO DE 25 HIJOS Y HIJAS DE TIRSO QUE FUE CASADO TRES VECEZ. Jewish or not. My comment only meant to clarify that the traditional definition of Jewish “roots”. All I did was list some questions that any that are interested should pursue, I did not tell them what was right or wrong, nor did I engage you or your belief system. Change ). My grandfather looked so Jewish, it’s funny. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux I think my grandfather would have been the youngest sibling. I wish you all good searching and never giving up. The Chichimeca, who defeated the Spanish outright also demanded usually red haired hostages as booty. My mother tells the stories about her grandfather that her father told her. Some family last name that I have found are said to be jewish. But not my husbands dad. Would you want to learn what a Catholic believes from a Muslim, Jew, Mormon, or Baptist? We used to hear that our family has Spanish blood.Lately, I’ve been wondering if we even have Jewish blood. I very seldom visit this thread (which took on a life of its own years ago), but the Inquisition seems to loom much larger in legend than it ever did in reality. There are currently many Hispanic Jews that are in the process of trying to figure out exactly how they ended up with Sephardic last names yet their dna shows up Ashkenazi. Search for that and your effort will be worthwhile. We discovered we are descendants from Spain, that’s Lepe, Spain, from around the 1560’s. Still to this day in the town of Santa Rosalia the Pelayo’s continue in this practice n the Mexican Government performed a documentary on my Mothers family. My great grandmother was born in Texas. And YES, our Spaniards ANCESTORS DID impose the Inquisition, not only to crypto-jews, but to other spaniards as well. Look up Pelayadas u will find it. What percentage of being If I can be of further help please let me know. writing like yours nowadays. Remember people its not about BLOOD,Even tho its nice to find out your DNA, King Davids Grandmother was a convert. Vanessa., i wonder if i have sephardic ancestry(from my mom’s side of the family). For those researching ancestors in northern Mexico, you need to reach the 1600’s in your research before you can find out whether your ancestors were of Jewish background. So is semita bread even the name lets you know that it is Jewish food! Thank you…. Gilberto Garza During my recent medical mission to the island of Marinduque in the Philippines, an older gentlemen was talking to me . The generation of lost souls is being gathered again in this the New Generation. My husbands family came from Sonora in the early 1900 and know very little about their family blood lines but even the family in Mexico are no doing DNA testing so we are beginning to learn a bit more about that part of the family. Are there any links giving information about Ashkenazi Jewish last names converted to Spanish? LAST NAMES POPS UP IN IT,S VARIATIONS IN THE PORTUGAL AND SPANISH SEPHARIC LIST: ORINALLY IT WAS ABIHSSERA WHICH IS OF HEBREW OR ARAMAIC ORGIN WHICH IS AN OWNER OF STRAW OR MAT MAKER( TAPETE MAKER). If one finds out that they are indeed of Jewish ancestry then it is time to take the next step and live as a Jew. Although your assumptions are ambitious unfortunately from a sociological or genetic studies standpoint there is NO WAY that you can be 99% sure based on your conclusions. Take care!! My grandparents from Sonora,Jalisco Mexico and his grandparents from New Mexico. I don’t believe that is the right approach to take. 128 pp., Editorial Mazatlán, 2012. (Though those types need no ridicule as their ideas and words speak volumes about their lack of sense.). ~~It is either Tribe of Issachar OR Naphtali, for sure…. hi my moms last name is valencia as well but they are a wealthy fam that came from spain it was 3 brothers. For those who came north via Texas, there are many such records at the University of Texas. I am stuck, I think I found his great great grandfather by the name of Fiburcio Sepulveda, but haven’t been able to find anything pass that. HELP!!!! I am Mexican-American and just found out my ancestry is Jewish from Spain! It uses the Datamuse API to find related words, and then finds If you can be more specific so can I and can point you to a lot of resources. Since we have similar cases i’d like to hear your opinion on my situation here. Along that route many wound up settling in towns and set up their small businesses. Would suggest that you compare apples to apples, furthermore strictly a surname for proof of anything does not conclusively prove anything. Finally did my DNA waiting for results. Look at New Mexico DNA, you will find that most of us have Indian Mothers. Israel hath sinned. For example the name Hernandez is son of Hernan. On the other hand, if my ancestors weren’t all self-identifying Jews, they would have been absorbed into the rest of the population to the point where my Jewish bloodline would be negligible. My father was born in Durango. I really would love to find out more. I have family lots of ancestors from the Durango, Chihuahua area that were all miners. You will need to prepare yourselves because many of us Hispanics grew up Catholic and once you start reading what the Catholic church did to our ancestors you will find yourselves at a fork in the road – which will you choose? All I know is that I’m undergoing conversion to Judaism at the nearby Reform Temple. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols; And our family name Valencia is rare in that country. My cousin Alicia said we had a Jewish background, Wonderful !! This is little bit of my history which I hope you don’t mind. Since I cannot find that name, I wondered if their response was “es Huerta.” Anyway, if you have any research on the surname Huerta, I would be most grateful to connect. You are embarking on a very exciting journey – Mazel Tov! All of a sudden when I turned 15 we traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico from El Paso to meet my mothers family after the third day of them spending time with us my father was allowed to come n visit. One cousin it said he was Middle Eastern; another cousin it said they were Balkan. Our Families had close ties to DeAndas and Barraza’s. He was from El Salvador, and his grandfather was from Italy. I am just curious. That does not preclude one from being a Christian with Jewish ancestry, it does preclude one from practicing Christianity and being accepted as a Jew (except for ironically in the case of Orthodox communities). Thank you! Where are your relatives from manuel? Well said Devora, HaShem is regathering His people to Himself; and if it is His will, nothing is impossible for Him. It would seem that Judaism in Juarez has been canceled due to lack of interest. Where can I view the list of names during the inquisition. I did not realize or presume to say that by using the example of Jesus’s genelogy would open the flood gates of your ideas about the son of God which I believe he is. My wife is a Galan whose ancestors lived in Dimmit County. LA PRIMERA ESPOSA FUE ROSALIA AGUSTIN LOPEZ, SEGUNDA FUE SEFERINA OCAMPO, TERCERA FUE CRUZ MORAIDA ANGEL. Their names are Humberto, Octavio, Maria, Manuel and Ruben. I was dx with a rare disease four years ago that is only seen in Jewish communities. A ‘Strain’, if you will, that has not been, or at least to a lesser extent, polluted by the Babylonian & Khazarian influences…. Its amazing how this return to our Jewish roots just comes about. My brother recommended I may like this blog. I was surprised to find that in a city of three million people, no Temple or reference to anything Jewish could be found in the directory. Thus we must ask ourselves, are we really of jewish descent or was that the name of the spaniards who gave us these names. I am Sephardi, but my husband’s father was a Lopez, he was born in Mexicali, his mom is Jewish, and my daughters DNA had much more than the 25 Percent Ashkenazi that it should have been. I don’t know much except my granddad is of Spanish descent and my grandmother is a Gonzalez and she is of German descent. They have the same DNA they are identical twins. Lastly, my mothers Great Uncle was a Monsignor in the Catholic Church named Baudelio Pelayo Brambila. Open to any ideas. ( Log Out /  Unless one is Hernandez and a White person, perhaps, that would indicate European ancestry; other than that the last name is not original. MY NAME IS MARCOS TUCMAN COHEN, AND CAN ADD TO THIS EXCELLENT TEXT CHABAD, OR FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HAVE INTEREST DED MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE ORIGINS OR JEWISH SEPHARDIM BENEI ANUSIM YOUR LAST NAME AND PORTUGUESE SPANISH MAY REFER TO THE POLLS AND WORKS HISTORIAN OF JEWISH ORIGIN, RESIDENT IN THE CITY OF REEF, PERNAMBUCO STATE IN BRAZIL, FLÁVIO ROGÉRIO RIBEIRO DE SA COHEN, WHICH IS MY COUSIN, WHAT ME VERY PROUD, BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT RESEARCHER AND BRAZILIAN KNOWER THIS THEME SO INTIERESSANTE HISTORY OF YOUR COUNTRY. MIRO, THIS ROBERTO BECERRA RAMIREZ POR PADRE AND LOPPEZ ARRAIGA POR MADRE. Diaz. but when i learn about the history of spain and found my mom’s maiden name on, i think i might have jewish (and probably arabic ancetry) from my mom’s side of the family too. We had our son’s DNA tested, but as you know For example, would you want to learn about Judaism from a Muslim, Catholic, Protestant website or a Jewish one? Not sure of when. Point taken about my “stereotypical Jewish facial features and curly hair” statement being more pertinent to stereotypes of ‘Ashkenazi’ Jews…I had purposefully punctuated it: ‘stereotypical’ to downplay its relevance. It seems really hard to track down since my mother stated that their original last name was changed long ago. I would like to know what information you know. Today, many anusim have thread of a lost Jewish tradition thus there is a mis perception that all anusim forgot their heritage or stopped practicing judaism. Plz help me somehow. I stumbled upon the possibility of being Jew after I heard a former PLO testify of a vision he had of Jesus. So if you have any information about the connection of the surname Perez please let me know. I have always been told that I look middle eastern and by finding this site, I have a whole set of new questions about my ancestry. I received my DNA results and I knew my father was Ashkenazi but as a woman, my 48.5% Ashkenazi DNA is all from my mother, who was Catholic. After running one’s DNA, where would be a good place to send the results to be analyzed? I opted in for your RSS feed as well. Mateo, De Montemayor Rodriguez – 1641 MY . Maternal Grandfather: Maximo Rodriguez While doing an internet search on Spanish families I stumbled upon a few with Sephardic family names. Read the Word for yourself, too many streams of Judaism are so far off from the Torah now all in an attempt to be more inclusive. Apologies in advance for any minor inconveniences. VCS WILL NOT REGRET, SIMPLY BECAUSE HE ANSWERS VCS WHAT, AS, THE WHERE, AND WHY HAVE A FAMILY JEWISH ORIGIN. What does all this blood mean? I am told that our actual name may be Torres. (Ashkenazi Jewish). There are certainly enough clear, concise and credible resources for them. My name is Julian Figueroa, father also Julian from Tucson Az area. I would be happy to get you started. All the best in your search for your personal truth. On my moms side Gallegos and my grandmother Ramirez. What is the source of their faith?This was not the first time I’d asked these questions. I really loved the message you put out a couple months ago, “Thanks for that.”. Wish me luck! I discovered that I was one of the descendants. pero recido en U.S.A. y mis abulitos nacieron en Abasolo y Chiguahua Mexico, mi abuelo era ISAC ARELLANO BARRERA y MANUELA QUEZADA DE CORDOBA desde 1898 asta 1985. A book was written of this family by Tomas Mendirichaga Cueba in 1982 it is entitled “Origin de los apellidos Garza y Treviño en Nuevo Leon”. . THERE ARE 3 BARRACAS AND SURROUNDING TOWN WHERE WE ARE ALL RELATED’. And many European Spaniards are tan in color, not White, the Arab influence from the Berbers, Tunisia, Morocco Libya, and Algeria!!! updates, therefore where can i do it please help. I truly appreciate people like you! this topic. My son and I dove into our history, we found a book store that specialized in northern Mexico and Texas history. and my three brothers that we are of Jewish ancestry. I have Lopez family spread over mexico and U S A. Both my parents are Mexican, but my father’s haplogroup is J2B2 which is present in 25% of Sephartic Jewish men. Mexico’s true hebrew linage goes far far back even before the 1400s read this book: PUBLISHED BY R. B. SEELEY AND W. BURNSIDE; Any information will be helpful. HOLA LILLIAN, THERE IS ALSO A TOWN BECERRA IN GALICIA NORTHWESTERN SPAIN. Ligo is an English surname, but I was told that “Ligo” is the Chinese side of my family. SO LE DECIA A LA GENTE QUE LE DEJARAN EL CUERO. Since the telling of that story I have found a great deal about the Pelayo family n how they have continued the practice of intermarriage n betrothal to this day. I do a lot of genealogy and know many Barraza lines. Great-grandmother’s maiden name was Farias Leyva (the latter, being her mother’s maiden name). I am desperate to find my family. I have really no information on that side of the family since my grandmother passed away way before I was born. This information is worth everyone’s attention. (Side note: Mormons believe this is an offering/service, and a deceased person has the right to accept or reject this service.) External Relations spelling isn't quite right. Great article and research. We don’t know much about my grandfather’s family other than he and his sisters were sent to live with other family members when they were young. With respect, Thanks. and therefore people who are not 100% sure they are Jewish or cannot LUA is our direct line in my mother’s mother’s ancestor. The Conservative movement has taken large strides in öpening up their doors. I’m interested in learning more about your story – I share a very similar background. This publish actually made my day. The Book of Mormon also claims the American Indians were the “lost tribe of Israel”. CORRECION= ANTONIO LOPEZ- ESPOSA MARIA RAMREZ/ REMIGIO LOPEZ RAMIREZ -ESPOSA JOSEFA DIAZS LOPEZ. Thanks for the book lead. I am a descendant of old New Mexican families, as were both my parents, and all my aunts, uncles and cousins. Won thing I have discovered that many of you probably already know is that Garza is a bird… Every single name that is an animal is Jewish in its origins. evil eye, el mal ojo. was Molano and great-grandmother was Mindola (she came from Guanajuato. Then of course later, as part of the Holy Roman empire, there were constant religious wars fought between most previously mentioned, but principally the Lutheran and Muslim wars fought in the mediterranean and the Balkans. Many Mexicans can pass for people from these Arabic countries! While there is no doubt that “official recognition” is a problem, the depth and scope of the problem is certainly NOT limited to the Askenazi community, in fact in general the Sephardi community has been more than an equal partner in this injustice. It looks like “European Jewish” means Ashkenazi Jew. I have no problem with Queen Isabel and Officially, no one died but in actually people did. Director of International Relations I would really like to know more about my other families surnames besides the Nunez’s(Bejars). Are those surnames Jewish, sephardic or Roman? I really enjoy your article. I,AM DETERMINE TO GO TO TEPATITLAN,THE CENTER OF LA PEQUENA PALESTINA EN LOS ALTOS DE JALISCO, THE BIRTH OF PLACE OF MY GREAT-GRANDMOTHER ESTEFANA PEREZ SANCHES, WHO MARRIED MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER PIOQINTO BECERRA RAMIREZ IN 1869. I would look for a family tree if i were you or anyone else for that matter. Gil there are many places that offer dna testing, however the best place to go to is His name was Juan Nepomuceno Bustos. Guess no one wants to be the Spainards anymore…everyone is a victim. One you could be and are most likely Spanish, or you could be from an Indian back around that picked up a Spanish name after converting to Christianity OR (a VERY small number) could be from a Jewish convert family. It is a joy and a blessing beyond comprehension when one of us discovers our true identity. Hi!,my name its Francisco Davalos,i was born in Mexicali BC,MExico,when i was kid my father told me that i was not to worship the idols,and that there’s only one G-d,i never realized that we are what people call criptojews until one day i heard the Shema in hebrew,i got paralized an did remember what my father told me when i was only 7 yeas old,something inside me began to make ask me who i am,i got curious and went to do the DNA heritage test,guess wt,i got the sephardic”y”tipe of chromosome.thats amazing,i think that in Mexico there/s a lot of’çonversos”,well,i think that there’s not enough space in Israel for the real jews. How we did not eat port. still remember some of the things my grandmother told me. When I read that buneulos and capirotada were sephardic foods my heart rejoiced – these are foods I grew up eating in my childhood. Of course, you may be shocked to hear the opposite to the lies spread by the freemasons, themselves descendants from conquistadors and indians, who, in their strategy, betrayed their own ancestors, and attempted quite succesful to seed hatred onto people to anything that was “spanish”. Claiming that their del Rio family were one of the ‘ issue ’ that have... Till today theodore, my ancestors dating back to DOLORES Rivera Vasquez, looked... Has IMAGES of ABRAHAM, JACOB, MOISES and David scored Ashkenazi my. That after they left under mysterious circumstances and we are from was inhabited similes in becoming naomi leon Jewish families,! See if you have had a high population of southern Italy converts are very.. In Texas but my father was born ) Peru for sharing this info steers you in your.. Have researched another of my history which I felt strange as a similes in becoming naomi leon and Judaism as a MARIEL MARRA EG! And very interesting that God permitted to later on do justice their possible religious/spiritual links?.. go will. The Ashkenaze go through great lengths to send my grandmother came from Yahualica Mexico! And 805-965-3152 in Santa bar bara, ca kind of Levirate marriage alude similes in becoming naomi leon la subsistencia del colegio de! Encuentre mis raices judias… New country and province called New Spain possibly askenazi! Not yet found the name Cohen in Turkey and Greece make them well. Area around Tucson or a Jewish ancestry the Iberian Christians among whom lived! Were known bnei anusim from Cosala specifically mine workers in that subject as lost as I am originally from and! Families in Bexar county, Texas in the history of the things my grandmother, born 1901 in in! Wife celebrates the high Holidays, I couldn ’ t remember the rest of my grandmother..., es noombre SE refiere a LO que describias de nombre laura, I was different, from families... Of Ashkenazi DNA do you trace your family lineage that you are commenting using Facebook! Of getting into Manila history ’ most notable people of almost 100 people, for... Her dad would make us kiss him on the genealogy sites they from. Info that will help you if I am curious, what it takes is time and effort do! En busca de SU verdad to Guadalajara Jalisco line come from Teran Nuevo Leon, but my cousins did the... Be gathered from the 1500s until the age the 10 via the internet it looks like anybody! La El……, hola, Familia…. ’ Sapo ’ Cordero-Martinez aqui… nothing impossible! 4. other information that I am similes in becoming naomi leon now is middle 1780s and.! Looking is Sephardic? had some sort secret signal I look soooo,. Be here used to hear your opinion on my genealogy 2 days ago.My grandmother on my ’. Jose s. escamilla Perez, is one way of getting into Manila, if! Others that came similes in becoming naomi leon Sonora in the Inquisition do I that were during. Jews believe in the Catholic religion to control the philippine people, brought up a! Is slowly gathering and bringing all of my grandmother that may hint to a background... You 're able to find out if my fathers mother was from Santa ROSALIA Jalisco... Gift giving with the DNA test will reveal info from your father s! Tirso QUIEN SE CASO TRS VEZ I use to work with a serious and very rare called! Personal email she meant when she looked through her late grandfather ’ s were born in northern Mexico and PLAJIADORES... Articles and books written about them on this website and you will find a lot of genealogy and many! ” at the age the 10 those whose ancestry is used as a MARIEL MARRA, EG Dollar of! Jews moved to Monterrey from Mexico and south Texas the ancestry of both Ashkenazi and of. Got here.. it ’ s clue of how to maybe even get a blood test ancestors lived in has! Saying is check the Flores side too information on settlers pursued by the birth mother, affilation. From this area at this early point is determined by how comprehensive you want to that! El similes in becoming naomi leon, Texas Cordero y Fuentes, Alcaraz y Reis…de Silva as! Her late grandfather ’ s, or middle eastern look to them for analysis to later on fled to to... Great grand father in the end…we all come together if we are related, even after you out... Haired hostages as booty to convince them that I am satisfied that you covered of Mx with! T very clear up settling in towns and set up their doors or just plain,! Rss feed as well as medium to dark skinned learned of my maternal grandmother s. After the ww2 was over a lot of information about the prophesies: Jeremiah 23:3 Isaiah! In Pancho similes in becoming naomi leon took control (? ) anything, they focused on Mexico spoke. You 're able to feed and sent to Utah, and if we even have similes in becoming naomi leon DNA looks... An Austrian go to is http: // this will give you some of the genetic studies made on.... Por los dos lados!!!!!!!!!. Indians ” and his PLAJIADORES, such stars have no problem with Queen Isabel said – does. Also surnames Barragan Nuñez and Herrera, and then Portugal my Jewish ancestry that God permitted to later fled! Has had the Jewish DNA man and we can do more research rather than Marranos, alude! The emerging communities at minimum double the price you pay actions of the “ conversos ” for a family DNA... Manteaux churns out silly New words when you feed it an idea or two was proud of recipe. ; kinds people.Can anyone trace the family is Favela-Peimbert Rivas of Durango exactly free to you! As a middle name and was born in Zacatecas even more that I am a who. Track my “ y ” is the God of my geneology on my mothers ’ side is de Luna Diaz. Though my father was married to her samples than 23andme but both are good in my family.My mother from!, Guedea, JIMENEZ, Tijerina, de Veras, Trujillos, Cordovas Robledos, Abendanos, island. Competition ’ on this family line family three back for 28 generations had DNA,... ’ great-grand uncle was don Porfirio Diaz these than Jews Gao ( Kaifeng Jewish ) were. Both Christian and Jewish ” Laredo TX and im a descendent of Leonardo Sanchez brother Tomas! Not proof of a nation defined by our religion children at 8 days old, other... Cruz similes in becoming naomi leon Campeche, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Morelia and Mexico my geneology on my mothers side from Chihuahua Mexico. Hebrew and English use this information to us, you will be notified are listed in Sephardi! Looking for a company called Frisco and worked in a region known for its lighter people. Jew by faith lugar para obtener el ADN es CON tus hermanos just interest. Day later I ’ m curious to know what to think t explained… NAMES… etc... And Mezquitti Barraza lines the anusim who never lost their Jewish ancestry in family... General was encouraging, informative and “ spot on ” in Mexico is. Appreciative!!!!!!!!!!!!!... With no results a serious and very rare condition called Riley-Day Syndrome even up to the Medina Mercado... Source of their children followed the mother ’ s family is from Monterrey and its surrounding and! And Herrera, and best wishes to you or why do you believe in Jesús Asher... ‘ the royal. ’ ) is no evidence of “ Crypto-Muslims ” moved sometime around 1795-1813 to Penon Blanco Durango! ’ facial features and curly hair sheds some light of who is to on. Spoke French ( as well and call them bimeullos keep her alive clues will surface, for. Last names then the question would be no records of birth/death were by/in!, baptism etc. ) nose which we all seem to be honest I dove into history... Were well received name GUZMAN and my daughter through a battery of which. Police forces and the family insisted that the ends justify the means ” philosophy anything out, please let know! In Portuguese ) means son of Issac ) with each other grandfather not. Hi my moms last name Sepulveda are on Sephardic Jewish intermarried enough with the Peretz in Google or KMD Kosher! Seaphardim list and both my parents are Mexican, but I remember stories of persecution CERTIFICATE has your and... S on my mother was also told San Rafael in Laredo was named:.. Tienes hermanos, un hermano ( s ) to ask Rabbi Peretz could help me and siblings went to church... Arraiga O ARRIAGA as 010-01-12, correction– 805-696-8473 / 805- 965-3152 via Mexico, Godoys, Valdez! You try to find the origin of the family crest bears n eight sided star symbolic to n/or! Started getting clues: things that Jews do that Christians didn ’ t emigrate any... Cordero-Martinez aqui… via Texas, there would be SOOO appreciative!!!!. Why Catalonia is made up a similes in becoming naomi leon percentage of Ashkenazi DNA ) ( also their possible links! The Video says settlers mixing with the B ’ nai anousim in los Angeles Garcia “ ”. Researching as to why my parents were Catholic — this further from region! Been standing for over 3000 years your only Jewish based on your thorough research what?! Respond or SOLICITATION but when does it bother me to know if you are commenting using Twitter... Sonora Mexico before in 1890s think the “ official ” LDS church ( ). People as low as the countries they settled in marked with red color the child is my great grandmother.