Experts are yet to find a way that will definitely tell the subspecies apart. The scent you choose depends entirely on you, but it should be undetectable to the deer. From this list, two of the subspecies differ in genetics and physical appearance from the rest of the big mule deer. Our deer hunts vary from ranch truck hunts to high country horseback deer hunting adventures or November rut hunts in Montana. Guide/Hunter Ratio: All mule deer hunts are guided on a 2 or 3 on 1 basis unless special arrangements are made prior to your hunt. Technology also plays a part in a successful shed hunting expedition. State record mule deer killed on this Ranch! DESERT MULE DEER HUNTING The deserts of Chihuahua are known as some of the best mule deer habitat on the planet, with bucks regularly reaching scores of more than 180 Boone & Crockett. Hunt Schedule. Using this tactic is not as efficient on mule deer as it is for the whitetail deer. It contrasts heavily with the growth pattern of whitetail antlers. Longer trips for the mule deer enthusiasts/freaks can be booked upon request. This is a special management program that allows a landowner to hunt during peak rut. our primary objective is to be completely adaptable to any hunting situation. Are people falsifying their harvest reports to not encourage outsiders to hunt mule deer up there? The applications for out-of-state licenses are due to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on or before May 31st, 2021. MULE DEER HUNTING New Mexico Hunting Adventures offers Mule Deer hunting across New Mexico. When hunting both species, be careful to conceal your scent. People that come from the states that border the Atlantic Ocean, especially on the East Coast, can be certain that they do not hunt the mule deer. Avoid keeping your hand on the trigger and only take a shot once you have aimed at your game. Spot and stalk is my favorite form of big game hunting. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'huntingheart_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_22',174,'0','0']));Fallen antlers are useful as home décor, make jewelry, adornments, and dogs chew toys. In other states, there are zones that you can shed hunt and other areas where you should not venture. It is an advantage for the hunter, but you need stealth to avoid spooking the deer as it is overly sensitive to anything coming from its blindside. additionally, we also have access to landowner vouchers each year for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle mule deer and whitetail deer, which allows you to hunt in years you do not draw. Tad Daly510 South Gillette Ave.Gillette, WY 82716(307)680-1034, Premium Mule Deer Hunting on 100,000 acre land, Prime Mule Deer Hunting in Gillette Wyoming on 100,000 Acres. Plan your search area after winter and always glass an area before going shed hunting. Before shooting a mule deer, consider making a field judgment on the size of the main beam. During your hunt in this Having a hunting license and obtaining a permit is equally as important. Though not a telling factor, the rack and antler size of a mature mule deer is slightly taller and broader than that of the whitetail deer. The process is simple; all you do is wait for the mule deer to feed while in the meadows and see where they will bed down. We book these hunts from mid-December through mid-January when the biggest bucks are with the does or are on the move looking for un-bred does. Shed hunting includes doing some glassing to identify the meadows where the mule deer are feeding or bedding. Our entire 53,000-acre ranch is prime habitat for mule deer and we are proud to manage our deer herd responsibly for mature bucks. Both the species shed their antlers in different seasons of the same year. Early season, high alpine back pack hunts are a fun and challenging way of hunting bachelor groups of bucks at elevations between 5000-8000 feet. Extra stands and blinds are ready to be set into new areas as needed with deer patterns changing throughout the fall hunting season. It is because the rack swoops from the back jutting forward and may just deceive your eyes. The only way to improve your field judging skills is by getting to do many of them. Besides aggression, there is a movement that tells them apart. The mule deer grow quite large, and it is not uncommon for a deer to exceed 325 pounds in weight fully dressed out. The variations in the reproduction cycle are not significant. Even though the mule deer’s brow tine lengths are shorter than the whitetail deer, they still bear significance to the hunter. You can also include snacks to replenish the energy you will expend on the shed hunt. A good pair of binoculars should have high zoom power and clarity to see the small details. Our mule deer hunting area is about 500,000 acres of farm land, fringe, and the deep woods. It is a challenging bit as it demands you wake up early. The more time you spend glassing and watching deer, the more familiar you’ll become with their habits and tendencies. It just doesnt make sense that only 4% of deer taken would be muleys. You reach us by our contact form on the page contact us. When field judging, symmetry is your friend. West Texas mule deer are native game animals in Texas and the general hunting season is always the first week after Thanksgiving with a weekend on each end. And in their adolescent years, you can hardly tell them apart. See our article on the best binoculars for hunting. You should prepare to cover many walking miles of rough terrain that can be wet or bushy. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. The mule deer are vulnerable on their backside and will always bed with a rock or vegetation on their backside. Arid and the Rocky Mountains are the most suitable place for mule deer. It is a survival instinct and an advantage that makes them protect themselves before any looming danger grows further. The whitetails have a slight biological advantage, as you will see. To score a balance on both sides of the mule deer rack is almost impossible. Extend your deer season by scouting before and after the hunt. Whitetails have some hop high in the air when they flee from danger while mule deer will gallop away. There are Boone and crockett mule deer scoring. Though nature has a lot of variations, this pattern is entirely consistent. No doubt about it, late season deer hunting is in full swing across the Country. Other items you will find helpful are sunscreen items to protect your skin and snowshoes if you are shed hunting in the snow. Our guided mule deer hunts are done off of horseback. The whitetail antlers have their antlers growing from one single beam, and tines grow from the single beam on each side of the head. They are found in North America, especially in the rocky mountain. Most Mule deer hunting is done by spot and stock methods. Ambush hunting for bowhunting mule deer is a little challenging as it requires you to be in close range. Hunting is by glassing and hiking coulees and stubble fields from 4×4 trucks. There are many breeds of dog hunters that have a good nose and can follow a scent with much success. View Mule Deer Photo Gallery. Trophy Mule Deer Bucks will range from 140 class to 160 plus. Mule deer will not make it easy for you to hunt them, so you must follow them where they are. It is challenging to flash out the mule deer by tricking it into believing in the sound of rustling antlers mimicking mule deer sounds. Rates & Season. What are the Types of Mule Deer? Shed hunting refers to the hunt of antlers from fallen mule deer after the rut season. Mule deer can’t see colors well, and hence you should avoid sudden movements when you spot one. Clients can expect to fly into Grande Prairie the day before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',166,'0','0']));Lifting of the tail to show the inner whitetail is also a message to would-be predators that the deer are aware of their presence and dissuade them from an effortless chase. As the temperatures cool down, the hunting can certainly begin to heat up. They have a gestation period that spans seven months and usually starts breeding when they are over six months old. Timberline Outfitters Trophy Mule Deer and Elk in Nevada Nevada Outfitters & Guide Association Choose from the TOP guides and outfitters. But if you get closer, you sense a predictable pattern. Hunt Colorado! It includes taking care of all the safety precautions demanded of you. Spot and stalk is what it's all about for rifle and archery mule deer hunting in South Dakota, especially on private land. Editor’s Pick for 6.5 PRC rifles is the Bergara Highlander. Given the size and range of the mule deer in our area, hunting them on horseback is a must. Bucks score 165 to 185 with the chance to bag a 190+ buck. This will be a spot & stalk hunt where the hunting is done on foot. Your chance at a trophy Mule Deer is great with us because we manage ranches with high populations of deer, which give you the opportunity to harvest the trophy of a lifetime. Please fill out the form below. Mule Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics . `. The weapon of choice is up to you but our rifle hunts are limited and book up very fast. This is a moderate to rough hunt. 2020/21 Season Dates: December 13-19 January 1-7, 10-16, 20-26. … Mule deer need to keep feeding to maintain the calories they burn to stay warm. After every successful hunt, all hunters rush to know only one thing, the size of the antlers. Many mule deer lose their antlers when crossing over fences, which is an excellent place to start your search. Despite their close association, they both have different behavior and characteristics. A hunting knife to accompany your hunter’s bow or the rifle will also complete the necessary items you need to bag your mule deer. The name whitetail deer comes from the use of its tail. No one wants to be out during a storm. Have a gestation period of only 6 ½ months and start breeding when they are six months old. Horseback ride to base camp results in a flexible variety of hunting options within an extensive hunt area. Experience an exciting and enjoyable hunt with local experts: increase your odds of getting a trophy elk or mule deer. Mature deer all have antlers, and from a distance, you cannot tell if it is a whitetail or mule deer. The video above we released on our YouTube channel the first part of November, I dove into some hot tips for connecting with bucks in the late season. The shape and size of the ears are broad and big to resemble the mule’s ears leading to the name Mule deer. Contact Us; MDF Goals; People of MDF; MDF Annual 990’s ; MDF Functional Expense; Conservation. With proper knowledge and guide, you can get the best out of the whitetail deer and mule deer hunting. Arid and the Rocky Mountains are the most suitable place for mule deer. Large numbers of Mule Deer range in the breaks, while Whitetail range on the bottom land. Similar to the mule deer, the whitetail deer also derives its name from the color of its tail. But the coats of the Whitetail deer are generally reddish-brown contrasting with the greyish-brown coat of mule deer. In order to choose the correct caliber for hunting mule deer, we first need to consider the distance of shots you may be taking, how accurate the cartridge is, and how much recoil the cartridge may have. You will be hunting older age class bachelor bucks in velvet. Mule deer are best bagged by spot and stalking, while whitetail deer, it is best to use a tree stand or ground blind hunting. If you have this in mind, you will also know the pockets of space that do not carry the wind. Mule deer hunting is a big game for the hunters who like large animal hunting. It is an effective process because mule deer hardly look uphill when feeding. Most Mule deer hunting is done by spot and stock methods. What is the Difference between Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer? Western Wildlife Adv. Advanced hunters will maximize on such rare opportunities. These hunts take place in Late September/Early October and November during the third and fourth rifle seasons. I started making fawn bleats, cold calling for bear, and had a massive herd of muley does come pouring off the mountain and surround me, it was crazy. Mule Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics . Suggested Hunting Outfitters Quality Nevada Hunts! The area we hunt is famous for and offers some of the best Trophy Mule Deer hunting in the world. But this can also be quite misleading for the novice hunter. It is an indication of the possibility of a nearby danger and a warning to the other deer to stay alert or take to their heels. It is usually 20-inches, but mature mule backs can have spread up to 30-inches. So few if any mule deer can be found in this area. If you are hunting for deer in North America, there is a higher chance that you will hunt for two popular kinds of deer, and it’s either a whitetail or mule deer. Mule deer move all the time looking for new shelters and food patches as the temperatures gradually drop through the winter season. There are so many variances in subspecies of both the mule deer and whitetail deer. Bearpaw Outfitters Trophy Deer & Elk Hunt Bear-Lion-Moose-Buffalo Guided or Unguided Nevada Hunting! A backpack to carry your spy gear is vital. Some sense of pride enthralls the hunter to know what their score is. As for whitetails, their faces usually have some traces of brownish tint and some white rings on the eyes and nose. The preparations include: Any hunting expedition requires the correct gear to have a successful hunt. Cliff has been involved in the harvest of dozens of deer over 185″, many over 200″ and has spent years researching areas that can produce top quality bucks. Mule Deer Hunting - Big Alamocitos - Giant Muleys - Mule Deer, White Tail and Exotics 64,000 acres of prime Mule deer habitat with only 15 deer taken from this ranch in over 50 years. These are the places you should set up your still hunting. Advanced hunters usually perch on hilltops before sunrise, awaiting the mule bucks to appear in the morning. No other outfitting operation can offer a mule deer hunt for any hunter based upon his trophy caliber desires. Wind may carry your scent and watch your mule deer scamper away to safety before you get the chance to aim it. Novice bowhunters should position themselves near feeding patches as mule deer beds close to where they feed. Antelope, Deer & Elk Hunts! Call our office with your questions and we will be glad to direct you to the right hunt. Tine length adds more value to your score than everything else on the antlers of the mule deer. Having an app with hunting … Archery Season: Month of SeptemberRifle Season: First 3 weeks of October. Learn more . When the whitetail deer senses danger, its tail will instinctively dart upwards, revealing its contrasting white inner side. Our guided mule deer hunts are done off of horseback. We feel like we have some of the best mule deer hunting in Northwest Colorado here at RTS Hunting, LLC. A limited number of hunters are taken on our private ranches to maintain quality mule deer from year to year. Our Mule Deer hunting area is region C. The current price for an out-of-state license for mule deer is $662.00 (there is now an option to pay for a “Nonresident Special” which I am recommending to ensure you draw). Mass does not add much to the score, yet every hunter will still claim it. We hunt virtually all the western US states for mule deer and during all seasons – archery, muzzleloader, and rifle. Idaho Mule Deer Hunting Guides & Outfitters. Out West, the land ownership boundaries look like a literal checkerboard at times. As the temperatures cool down, the hunting can certainly begin to heat up. Hunting mule deer requires miles of trekking to spot and stalk them. You can stalk aggressively as the male deer bucks become easy to approach as long as you stay downwind and never catch your scent. Learn more Given the size and range of the mule deer in our area, hunting them on horseback is a must. Member Information Call: (801) 973-3940. Unlike the whitetail deer, hunting the mule deer is a daunting and tasking physical experience. To be on the safe side, you must also know the direction the wind is blowing and steer away from it. The Hunt: On your Montana Mule Deer hunt you can expect to see 20-30 mule deer a day under normal weather conditions. It is challenging to tell the size of the main beam if you are looking at the mule deer head-on; hence you need to find another angle. If you need a true desert mule deer we have a great opportunity on our 50,000 acre private Texas ranch. MULE DEER HUNTING New Mexico Hunting Adventures offers Mule Deer hunting across New Mexico. Novice hunters should trail advanced hunters if they want to pick skills that no one else can teach. Advanced hunters are better at field judging and can make close estimates. Mule Deer Hunting We feel like we have some of the best mule deer hunting in Northwest Colorado here at RTS Hunting, LLC. We are hunting rolling sagebrush country with some irrigated pastures. The rut peaks about November 10 and lasts through the season. Injuries can happen when hunting and having a first aid kit is not a luxury item. This is mule deer hunting. Bagging a 300-pound world record mule deer and heading home for any beginner and even experienced hunters is a task that will need you to prepare well. we predominantly utilize spot and stalk methods, however, we will do what is necessary to be successful given the situation. The coat on the mule deer faces is whiter than the coat on their body. Labradors retrievers, German shorthair pointers, and Drahthaars rank high as scent dogs. Even when spooked, they may run and stop to assess if you are still following it. A general rule of preparation entails you build your physical strength perhaps 3-6 months before the open hunting season. It is this difference that determines the various methods of hunting you will use. After you locate a mule deer, try to hide behind the trees and freeze each time the mule deer looks your way. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_19',170,'0','0']));Before going mule deer hunting, you must prepare well. The moment a mule deer catches your whiff, they are gone. Mule Deer Hunting - Big Alamocitos - Giant Muleys - Mule Deer, White Tail and Exotics 64,000 acres of prime Mule deer habitat with only 15 deer taken from this ranch in over 50 years. The mule deer has antlers that fork out, and each fork also divides into two. It is only through understanding the terrain and how the mule deer relates to its habitat that you can improve your numbers every hunting season.

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